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My Canadian Pharmacy is a well-known, reputable, reliable online platform. Our company has gained a reputation as one of the most affordable international online pharmacies since 2003. Our motto is the more you buy the more you save with us. Our online service is devoted to the high-quality generic medications used for the treatment of different diseases. We also cooperate with the fastest delivery systems able to fast bring parcels with medications to the places of great disasters. We come to the rescue to the victims of floods, volcanic explosion and many other accidents happen in the world.

Our History

Our online pharmacy was established in 2003 by a group of a talented group of pharmacists directed by a professional businessman.

  1. At first, we start developing and expanding relations with authoritative manufacturers. Our concept includes preferably generic medications. As a result, we deal with well-known Indian pharmaceutical companies to replenish our stock constantly.
  2. The second we do is to search the fastest and the most reliable delivery services. We have achieved this by delivering medications through Registered Airmail or EMS even to the most remote distances.
  3. At last, we decide to work out a favorable promotion system which will afford our customers to buy more and save money.

My Canadian Pharmacy poses itself as a wholesale trader with reasonable prices for all customers.

11 reasons to buy drugs in this online pharmacy

  • Over 15 years of experience in the international pharmaceutical market;
  • A team of experienced professionals with education in medical and pharmaceutical spheres;
  • A wide range of drugs, including quite rare;
  • A convenient interface and search engine of our online service will help you find the right drug as quickly as possible.
  • 100% storage and transportation compliance;
  • Prices are lower than in conventional drugstores;
  • Lack of falsification and the availability of only certified drugs;
  • Impeccable quality of service;
  • Convenient payment methods;
  • Fast international delivery even to the disaster locations;
  • Reducing rates for disaster victims.

Customer Care Support

We respect the right of our customers for confidentiality. We do not specify names of the drugs on the wrapper of the parcel. Even a post officer won’t have an idea of what there is inside the parcel. Our staff strives to make online shopping for our customers as convenient as possible. We also may carry out an online consultation during which you will understand what generics are, why it is safe and reasonable to buy them, why rates are so low and what generics, for example, Zithromax has. All our contact information is specified on the “Contact” page.

Our customer care support is online 24/7. But if the response is delayed we are sorry. There are too many inquiries we have got from our customers. We will take all the efforts to process your order within 24 hours max.

But our pharmacists and even customer care support group insist on consultations with primary physicians. Only a qualified specialist may recommend you this or that drug for the treatment of your disease. They will specify a dosage required to get a positive outcome during therapy. You may also ask your physician to define a number of generics for you. Finally, we will be glad to help you to buy generics at one of the most affordable prices among Canadian Pharmacies.

My Canadian Pharmacy and Emergency Care

When working out a strategic plan we create a concept of emergency care online pharmacy. We are engaged in delivering medications to the victims of disasters and to the refugees who have not enough funds to buy expensive brand medications. Emergency care means to come to the rescue in the shortest possible time. We have achieved the fastest 100% delivery by working with the most affordable services.

Every person with access to the Internet may make an order by several clicks. Our online pharmacy will bring your parcel from the nearest to you warehouse. We guarantee you will find even rare medications on our website.

Our online pharmacy occupies a leading position directly in emergency care. We provide impeccable service, responsibility, individual approach and excellent reputation. These aspects make us stand out from the competition.


We ensure our customers a wide range. We constantly replenish our stock. Our assortment includes either primary healthcare and emergency medications like pain relief drugs or medications for cancer treatment. Our staff has divided all the items sold into categories like asthma, allergy, anti viral, birth control, men’s health, motion sickness and etc.

Such a searching engine may help reduce the time of searching considerably. Hence, we offer using an alphabetic search and search field. These options are also effective in finding what you need on our website. All the medications mentioned on the website are in stock. We will fast process your order and pack it in an opaque wrapper.

It becomes so simple nowadays to buy medications online. As a result, we recommend you to consult a specialist for starting treatment with our generic medications as fast as possible.

Why Generics are our Priority?

Generics are our priority as they are cheaper but have the same quality. We will explain everything about generics in details.

Generic is a medicine with the same active ingredient, but cheaper.

To release a new drug, the manufacturer spends a lot of time and money on clinical trials of the active substance. These costs are included in the final rate of the drug, so the original drugs are usually expensive. If a manufacturer releases a drug with a tested active substance, but a new name, this is a generic. Clinical trials are not needed for generics’ production, so it is cheaper.

To register a generic, a manufacturer must prove that this analog is not worse than the original: at least that the active substance acts the same way. But the generic is still different from the original in auxiliary substances. The effectiveness of the drug and its side effects often depend on auxiliary substances.

We make these medications affordable, as we manage the entire chain of formation of their final cost – from the production of active substances to the development of dosage forms and their distribution through our well-organized online pharmacy. We use our initial advantage – one of the largest manufacturing company in India, to provide a clear competitive cost offers for our customers. Our in-depth knowledge of registration rules and intellectual property issues also helps us offer quality, regulatory-compliant medications for millions of people around the world.

FAQs about My Canadian Pharmacy

Is your service engaged in generics?

Our service is engaged in generics. We also offer brand medications but their number is limited. We prefer to provide people with high-quality but low-priced generic medications?

Is your service international?

Our service is international. We ensure the delivery to almost every corner of the world. We ship medication from warehouses located in different countries worldwide.

Why generics are cheaper than brand?

Generics are cheaper than brands because their production doesn’t require great expenses. There is no need to conduct additional clinical trials for generics’ production. We also make generics cheaper as we do not spend extra money on rent and a large number of employees.

Do you send to PO boxes?

Yes, we do. Specify your PO box number and we will bring your parcel right there.

Do you have any additional charges?

We do not have any additional charges except for shipping fees. Make your order, pay for it and we will bring it right to the specified address.

Are you ready to process my order at night?

We are working 24 hours 7 days a week. As a result, we are ready to process your orders all days and nights long. If you need some consultation you may also contact our customer care department. An operator is online in the same business hours as our pharmacists.

Do you bring medications in emergency situations?

We bring medications in emergency situations. We are ready to bring the order for several hours to help people survive especially if they are victims of catastrophic disasters. You may rely upon us.

What is the maximum delivery time?

Everything depends on the situation. If you need medications urgently you may decide to get express delivery bringing your parcel within 5 days maximum. The delivery to the remote areas is assessed individually.


Jane: “I addressed Canadian Pharmacy several times. Like the service they provide. prices are low, delivery is international. Bonuses and discounts attract me the most.”

Luke: “Come across with delicate problem. Decided to buy generics for coping with it. The delivery was in time. The parcel was packed in an opaque wrapper with no mention of the names of the drugs. Good job!”

Lauren: “My choice is this online service. They constantly have all the medications in stock. It is a great advantage to improve your health for fewer expenses. The more you buy the more the discount is. I recommend this online pharmacy.”

Erin: “The quality of goods is high. Discount is offered. I have saved many funds while making orders online via this pharmacy. I will continue making orders from your service which may bring benefit to both of us.”

Paige: “Suffer from asthma and constantly need medications to take attacks under control. Your service helps buy prescribed medications and inhalers and save. Take several units of Ventolin inhaler for asthma at once and forget about this problem for several weeks.”

Dylan: “My problem is weight. I am obese and decided to lose extra pounds. Found this service and ordered the herbal supplement. I have found it effective for my problem. The quality is well produced by a well-known Indian company. It is convenient to buy from My Canadian Pharmacy.”

Finally, we glad to provide you much more information about our services, our history, our benefits and goals. We are glad to work with every customer addresses us. Our online service is a real lifesaver for many people with low income. We take all the efforts to improve our service to make it much more convenient.

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